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CSS Wind LLC. was incorporated in 2011 to meet the growing need for Independent Service Providers in Canada. CSS Wind has partnered with industry leaders to bring the best technology and service to wind turbine owners throughout Canada and around the world.

CSS Wind strives for safety and excellence in providing wind turbine field services.

With over 40 years of experience providing domestic and international field service in the aerospace industry, it has the management and service experience to foster CSS Wind in the highly competitive renewable energy market.


In performing blade repair, CSS Wind technicians have utilized a number of techniques and materials for both outside and inside blade surfaces, including structural repairs utilizing most types of composite materials, 3M membrane on the leading edge, Ampreg 21, SikaPower®-1200, etc.


Our technicians are highly proficient in rigging procedures, as well as in all aspects of operating man lifts, suspended platforms and baskets, and rope-access work.

With respect to rope-access work, CSS Wind has IRATA-certified Level III supervisors with decades of rope-access work experience available to ensure efficiency and safety of our and our clients’ field execution staff​.

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While the majority of our work is in blade repair, we offer support to our clients in performing multiple other functions:

  • Inspections of and reporting on condition of electrical and mechanical systems

  • Tower hardware torque testing and anchor tensioning

  • Small component repair, replacement, and lubrication 

  • Lubrication system inspections and refills 

  • Tower, nacelle, and foundation surface cleaning, coating and repair 

  • Execution support on large component repairs and replacement (gearbox, generators, rotors, etc.)

  • Replacement of electrical components  after inspections or failures (turbines, pad mounts, collection lines)

CSS Wind strives to offer a turn-key solution by brining all required labour, tools and equipment, vehicles, accommodations / subsistence, and PPE to our projects.


Experienced, motivated, well-trained and multi-skilled technicians working in cohesive, synergistic teams


Flexible deployment schedule (can work
366 days per year in multiple shifts to effect 24/7 availability and on-time delivery)


Seamless, efficient, and safe mobilization, execution with minimum disruption to other operations ( minimum shutdown time)


Practical, hands-on process improvement we plan, execute, measure, learn and adjust our MOPs to become more effective


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