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The original founder Midstream Infrastructure Protection Technologies Inc. (“CSS Industrial” or “Midstream”) began his involvement in in the industry with steel fabrication, repair, and coating services to the oil and gas industry, operating for over a decade since early 2000s as Red River Industries Inc. in Sundre, Alberta.

We specialize in operating at heights and on difficult-to-access infrastructure, providing unique and cost-effective repairs and coating solutions for steel and concrete, construction of complex cable, custom tensile membrane, and suspended platform structures. 


All members of our technical team are fully qualified and certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.


We are proud of our track record of satisfied clients and maintain a relentless commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and highest project execution standards.

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Strong commitment
to safety, highest project execution standards


Always on-time and on-budget with minimum interruption to clients’ main business


Seamless service continuity from project design to execution and completion

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CSS Industrial has a broad scope of capabilities and service offerings, however, most recently we have been engaged in:


Cost-effective repair and coating solutions for steel and concrete surfaces, with a differentiated approach to materials selection and procurement:

  • Application (including at heights) of industrial coatings, ranging from mainstream anti-corrosion coatings to high-temperature non-flammable paints, underwater, and moist metal coating systems, sealants, and spray fireproofing

  • High-temperature paints and spray-on fireproofing coatings

  • Sourcing of most technologically appropriate and cost-effective coating systems for anti-corrosive protection of metal and other structures


Surface restoration for concrete (repair of beams and columns, concrete injections, sealing, shotcreting) and steel (holes, pitted surfaces).


Specialized Access – we perform repair, maintenance, coating, assembly/disassembly tasks in locations that are otherwise difficult to access or require special scaffolding/platform erection​.

  • Technicians certified in rope access, confined space, access machinery, fall arrest

  • Experienced with design, installation, and maintenance of suspended and mobile scaffolding systems, which are less expensive and more efficient than conventional scaffolding

  • CSS Industrial works with a number of proven, reliable engineering and technology partners in areas such as petrochemical engineering, NDT and corrosion testing/monitoring, in-service storage tank cleaning and fluid transfer services

    • NDT / corrosion testing and monitoring

  • Unique robotic intrinsically safe technology

  • Continuous and in-service inspections, testing, monitoring, data analysis

    • In-service desludging/cleaning of storage tanks, fluid transfer, other related environmental services

  • Unique automated technology that minimizes human manual labor and related risks

    • Fit-for-purpose engineering

  • Design and drafting, mechanical, process, civil, electrical, instrumentation, controls, procurement

We carefully staff our projects to match project’s requirements to the skills of technicians deployed.



We employ  over 20 technicians certified as IRATA Level  2-3 (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association,, with average IRATA-certified technician tenure of 10 years and with several technicians boasting IRATA tenures of over 20 years:


  • Our pool of technicians includes individuals with diverse sets of specialized technical and construction trade skills: welding, electrical, mechanical, shotcreting, rigging, suspended scaffolding, NDT inspections, slurry blasting, coating, fireproofing,  oil tank and structural  repairs, demolition

  • Our IRATA-certified technicians have worked on a number of unique and challenging international projects and have decades of experience working in under extreme environmental conditions (e.g. low temperatures, high humidity) and at remote sites, where they have routinely encountered and resolved various unique technical and logistical challenges by using their skills, perseverance, and ingenuity

  • Our teams are fully mobile

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